Divorce Mediation Lawyer

The family attorneys at Dolan Divorce Lawyers offer mediation services to parties seeking a divorce. A divorce mediation is different from a traditional divorce in that both parties are jointly working with a mediator attorney to resolve their divorce case. Divorce mediation is not suitable for everyone; it is advisable for spouses that are seeking to dissolve their marriage amicably and are capable of communicating with one another. Divorce mediation can offer a less stressful and more efficient way for spouses to dissolve their marriage and go their separate ways. For spouses that have minor children, divorce mediation can offer the parties an opportunity to begin co-parenting in a constructive and less volatile manner.

The mediator attorney does not represent the interests of either spouse in the mediation. The mediator attorney is a neutral party there to assist the parties in arriving at an agreement on the various issues involved in their divorce case. The mediator attorney will draft all necessary paperwork for the parties and assist them in navigating the divorce process. Once the divorce agreement is drafted by the mediator attorney with the participation of both parties, the mediator attorney will recommend each party seek separate review counsel, which is an attorney that will review the agreement and advise the party whether it is fair, equitable and in their best interests.

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process. If at any point either spouse decides they no longer want to participate in the mediation, the process terminates and the parties proceed with a traditional adversarial divorce. Contact Dolan Divorce Lawyers to find out if a divorce mediation is right for you and your spouse.